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"My Master" - Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover SLASH Video

Fandom: Doctor Who/Harry Potter
Genre: slash, alternate universe, crossover
Pairing: Barty Crouch Jr./Simm!Master (implied Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master)
Title: My Master
Vidder: KarliMeaghan
Songs: "The Story Continues" by Patrick Doyle, "What If The Storm Ends?" by Snow Patrol
Length: 7m05s
Rating: PG-13 for some (fake) sex scenes
Summary: The Master crashes in the Harry Potter universe and finds a familiar face in Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr. Evil, angst, and slashy times ensue (full summary posted below the video).
Slight spoilers for both the Doctor Who season 3 finale and Goblet of Fire.

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Oh Merlin, the whole ending was...! ("You don't belong here" was super wonderful.) Excellent stuff.
Thank you! :) I actually struggled with the ending for a while, so that comment means a lot to me.